Adds suppliers, desired stock levels, bulk stock management, stock reports and supplier purchase orders to WooCommerce.

Supply Management allows the creation of supplier profiles and the assignment of suppliers, costs and desired stock levels to products and variations. Multiple suppliers and costs can be assigned to products.

With the ability to link products to suppliers when WooCommerce’s stock management features are enabled (which is required for Supply Management), reports on stock levels by supplier can be generated, modified as desired and used to create purchase orders. Purchase orders can also be created manually.

Each purchase order contains all the supplier and receiving information, products, quantities, subtotals, taxes and notes. Purchase orders can be emailed to suppliers and all purchase order actions are logged.

The magic of Supply management: from the purchase order page, items ordered from suppliers can be entered as received which will automatically update your WooCommerce stock values, and when all items have been received the purchase order is closed (but can be re-opened if desired).

Supply Management also includes a powerful bulk stock editor to ease the management of stock and supply settings for many products.

For more details on the features and functions of Supply Management, please refer to the documentation.