Please use the following guide to transfer a domain you already own to Wise Builds’ registrar for management. Please note that domains cannot be transferred within 60 days of initial registration.

At your current registrar:

  • ensure that the domain is unlocked for transfer,
  • obtain your authorisation code for transfer of the domain,
  • disable any WHOIS privacy enabled on the domain,
  • ensure you have access to the administrative contact email for the domain.

When you have completed these steps, submit a support ticket here with the authorisation code for the domain transfer. When you receive the domain transfer confirmation email at the administrative contact address, just forward it to us and we will take care of the rest.

If you are unable to perform the required steps to prepare the domain for transfer yourself, please submit a support ticket and we will do our best to take care of it for you.

(Please note that you must have an active subscription to our Managed Web Hosting service to submit a domain transfer support ticket.)